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Tiger Engine is a little toy game engine to create tile based retro styled games like Pacman, Bomberman or even simple Zelda clones.

Included is a readme.txt, which describes how the engine works and a couple of mini games, to show what the engine can do.

A game for this engine consists of a single .txt file, including tile maps and the pretty simple scripting logic.

A sample tile set from Kenny is included, but can be replaced with custom graphics and you can add your own sound effects.

I hope someone out there will have some fun with this engine.


tiger_engine.zip 824 kB

Development log


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I like it! The ability to export to an exe or html file would be pretty cool, but aside from that, a really nice engine!

You could use a batch file. I included a run.bat in the current version, which starts the example.txt

It seems that BOXY is not working properly in the latest version. I think maybe the tileset command is required.

Oh, sorry I was playing around with a WebAssembly version, when I added the last fullscreen fix and broke something in the non web version. I uploaded a new version and everything should work like before.

And it has a WebAssembly version? That sounds appealing. I've confirmed that it's fixed. Thank you! :-)

I tried the rand function but it did not work. The result always set min value. Is there a way to use this correctly?

You found another bug there, I uploaded a fixed version.

Thank you very much! It worked fine. Thanks to you I was able to complete the development of my game. I will release it soon. :)

It is an interesting engine.
What is the license for distributing games created with this engine? Is it allowed to distribute the engine itself along with the original game? Are there any royalties, licenses, or fees involved in order to distribute it? Do I need any crediting? I tried to find the information somewhere but could not find it, so please let me know.
Thank you!

Thanks for looking at this little toy :)
I never thought about anybody distributing it, but you can do what you want with it. Some form of credit would be nice, but not needed.

Got it! Thank you for your reply. The sample "Story of Yelda" makes me dream of making various games with this game engine. I thought it was a really nice engine. My only regret is that the title bar remains on the top when I maximize the game window. I would like to have a real full screen. If you ever get around to it someday, it would be my sincere pleasure if you could implement it. :)

This should be easy to do, I will add it after the rating period of the Tools Jam 2.

Thank you! :D
I am looking forward to it.

I updated the download with a fullscreen toggle. You can press alt+enter or F12 to toggle. Additionaly there is now a fullscreen script command, which is demonstrated in the papa_is_you game.